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How to Charge a Low Battery

2020 has been a rough year: a worldwide pandemic transformed our daily routines into our new holding pattern of virtual learning and working from home; it forced many businesses to close either temporarily or permanently, robbing many of us of jobs and income; it challenged our mental health as we battled loneliness due to social distancing requirements. Racial tensions and political polarization shredded our society. And last month, I miscarried my third child at 21 weeks (over halfway through my pregnancy). At this point, we’re sick and tired of being exhausted and discouraged; I see “low battery” notifications plastered on the faces of everyone around me.

Our emotions indicate the level of charge remaining on our sanity. What emotions do you feel when you think of 2020? Here are some options. List every feeling you resonate with; add your own. Draw pictures, if helpful. What emotions signal that your battery is low? When you take a bird’s-eye view of 2020, what emotion stands out? Who are you when you’re living that emotion?

While it’s important to recognize the emotions that notify us of our battery level, it’s also vital to determine what depletes our charge. What inner gremlin emerged in the chaos of 2020? Describe the foul creature: How does it smell? What sounds/music accompanies it? How does it look? What does its voice sound like? What messages does it trumpet? What is its name? Describe the scene: What activates it? How can you tell when the gremlin has whooshed through? What effect does it have on people around you? What effect does it have on you? What banishes your gremlin?

Perhaps the most important thing we can figure out is how we recharge. What superpowers surprised you during 2020? What inner strength did you discover through the challenges of this year? Who are you when you’re using your superpowers? What grows your superpowers? What are you learning about whom you have become? What support do you need to prioritize recharging in the midst of unpredictability? Who are you when you’re fully charged?

How would 2020 have been different if you had noticed your “low battery” notifications, stopped depleting your charge, and instead plugged into your customized system for recharging every time you felt overwhelmed or frustrated?

Who would you be if you emerged fully charged from 2021?

What’s holding you back? Email me at recharge.coach@gmail.com .


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