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#YearofMindfulness Day 104: Blog

I'm wrestling with whether to continue blogging about my #YearofMindfulness. In blogging about my journey to establish a daily mindfulness practice, I had hoped to solicit ideas and advice for practically integrating mindfulness into a busy and unpredictable life. I thought the blog would also serve a dual purpose of holding me accountable for following through on my goal of practicing mindfulness every day. Now, however, I'm wondering if I'm instead wasting the precious few minutes I have available during my child's nap to chronicle a solo adventure.

Area for Growth: Focus on the internal benefits of charting my journey, instead of on my disappointment at the lack of outside support.

Wins: I felt relaxed today, even though I didn't practice formal mindfulness!

Takeaway: I can blog for personal accountability, since no one is their tips. How do you cling to accountability when it seems that no one is interested in supporting you on your journey?



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