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#YearofMindfulness Day 13: Experiment

I excellently practiced mindfulness in the morning and in the afternoon, and I intended to practice mindfulness before bed, but a call with friends lasted longer than expected, so I chose to collapse into bed without any further delay. It's disappointing not to meet my stretch goal of practicing mindfulness three times, not just because it's awkward to report my delinquency here, but also because I want to practice mindfulness to prioritize my mental health. I'm practicing mindfulness for me, and when I chose to forgo practicing, I (and my family) often feel the effects.

Area for growth: View "failures" as feedback, instead of as judgment: What's working? What's not? I learned that in the future, I need to schedule mindfulness practice before calls.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness twice today!

Takeaway: As I experiment to figure out how to prioritize mindfulness on typical and on non-typical days, I will view my mindfulness practice as a system that is continuously being refined, instead of as a meter of my character. What metaphor reminds you to view results as feedback instead of as judgment?



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