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#YearofMindfulness Day 21: Sacrifice

Creating a habit requires saying "no" to some things in order to reach your "yes". Tonight, my husband and I talked until late in the evening to resolve hurt feelings on both sides. I've been trying to consistently go to bed at a certain time, and by the time we found harmony, it was over two hours past my goal bedtime. I faced a choice: practice mindfulness as planned, or go straight to bed. I chose mindfulness. Bonus: For the first time in weeks, I slept completely through the night! Taking the time to struggle toward peace in my relationship, and then checking in on my body, infused relaxation at a deep level. I am grateful.

Area for growth: Prioritize mindfulness practice earlier in the evening!

Wins: I practiced mindfulness three times today!

Takeaway: Saying "yes" to mindfulness requires saying "no" to other things (in this case, going to sleep earlier). What will you say "no" to to reach your "yes"?



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