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#YearofMindfulness Day 23: Resilience

A storm of atypical things collided today (childcare cancelled, nap strike, scheduled phone call) to prevent me from being able to practice mindfulness in the afternoon, and I'm honestly not sure what else I could have done to improve my system so I would have had the space to follow through. Then a post-dinner meeting crowded out even the thought of mindfulness at bedtime--I completely forgot about it until I was drifting off to sleep, and then I was immediately woken up by a teething baby. This day did not turn out as expected.

Area for growth: Don't overanalyze when my best-laid plans fall awry. Beating myself up or judging myself doesn't change what happened. Instead, more helpful would be to design a system for dancing back quickly from disappointments.

Wins: Thankfully, my morning started off normally . . . so I did practice mindfulness once today!

Takeaway: It's disappointing when I'm on a roll with habit change, and then the system derails. But unpredictability is part of life. Sometimes I just have to go along with it. How do you dance back from interruptions?



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