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#YearofMindfulness Day 24: Reality

Between visits to the doctor and from a friend, our schedule this morning differed so much that it apparently messed with my brain: it never even occurred to me to practice mindfulness! I'm astonished, because my morning mindfulness practice has been so consistent; how could I completely forget about it? My shock and chagrin invigorated me to prioritize my afternoon and evening mindfulness practices, even though they were both especially challenging due to cancelled childcare and a missed nap.

Area for Growth: Create alternate spaces for mindfulness practice when appointments or visits are scheduled.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness twice today!

Takeaway: Reality happens. Expend energy not on replaying how my oversight could have happened, but on how I can protect my mindfulness practice in the future when our schedule differs. How do you plan for priorities amidst schedule fluctuations?


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