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#YearofMindfulness Day 28: Invest

Technically, I practiced mindfulness four times today . . . but since I was interrupted two-thirds of the way through my first mindfulness practice and never got to finish it, and since I fell asleep during my fourth mindfulness practice at bedtime, I'm going to combine the two of them to say that I practiced mindfulness three times today. I noticed some extra time to slip in more mindfulness practice, and I'm so glad I did, even though it meant less time for my to-do list. I felt so relaxed all day!

Area for Growth: Is it bad to fall asleep while practicing mindfulness? Or does it mean you did your job to such an extent that you graduated to a higher level of relaxation?

Wins: I remembered to practice mindfulness today, and even added a session!

Takeaway: This is the second time I've practiced mindfulness four times in one day, and it was worth the extra investment. What makes you willing to invest extra time in developing a habit?


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