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#YearofMindfulness Day 3: Practice

There are two types of mindfulness: informal and formal. Informal mindfulness is when you happen to notice the contrast of golden-tinged leaves against the intense blue of the sky. Formal mindfulness is when you set aside time to practice awareness of your surroundings and yourself. My goal is that by formally practicing mindfulness every day, I will begin to informally practice it as well.

Area for Growth: prioritize mindfulness--no excuses! Actually follow through on practicing mindfulness first, before launching into my to-do list; otherwise, I might run out of time and be trying to practice mindfulness while someone just woke up from his nap and is yelling.

Wins: I formally practiced mindfulness three times (yay!), but my favorite moment of mindfulness was informal: the feeling of my son's arms around my neck as he gave me a couple of long hugs before bedtime (he's not a hugger, which made the moment even more special).

Takeaway: mindfulness requires practice. As with learning any other skill, if I want mindfulness to become a natural part of my daily life, I have to prioritize practicing it. What are your tips for practicing (anything)?


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