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#YearofMindfulness Day 35: Tiny

I'm thinking about stretching my stretch goal: adding a fourth mindfulness practice to my day. On the days when I have practiced mindfulness at the beginning of the afternoon and at the end of the afternoon, I have felt exponentially more relaxed. Wouldn't it be nice if I felt that way every day, instead of just occasionally? Today, I slipped in a 2-minute mindfulness practice in the afternoon: it was short, but just enough to refocus me.

Area for Growth: Goals don't need to be huge: be willing to take small steps.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness four times today!

Takeaway: A tiny step might seem too small to make a difference--but what if it is the catalyst you need to launch toward your dream future self? What are tiny steps you can take toward the person whom you want to become?



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