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#YearofMindfulness Day 38: Help

Bedtime dragged later than I had planned today, and practicing my last mindfulness session would have put me in bed significantly later than I had hoped, so there was a moment of "Do I really want to prolong bedtime just so I can get in my final mindfulness session?", and after a second of deliberation, I decided that, yes, mindfulness was more important to me than a few minutes of sleep (assuming I would have fallen asleep immediately). Honestly, practicing the deep breathing of mindfulness helps me relax at such a deep level that I just slide into sleep.

Area for Growth: View mindfulness practice as something that helps--not hinders--me in achieving my goal of relaxation.

Wins: I practiced my full mindfulness practice sessions three times today!

Takeaway: Mindfulness helps me sleep. How do your habits help you achieve your goals?


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