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#YearofMindfulness Day 4: Return

Since it's hard for me to focus when my environment is noisy, I planned to practice formal mindfulness during naptimes and at bedtime; however, there are days when--for whatever reason--the tiny human fights sleep. While I would like to get to the place where I'm calm and unruffled while this is happening, for now, I'm retreating nearby (e.g. on the back porch). Many guided mindfulness recordings urge listeners "no matter how many times your thoughts wander, bring them back [to focus on your breath, your senses, etc.]. If your thoughts wander 100 times, bring them back 100 times."

Area for growth: Focusing.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness three times today!

Takeaway: No matter how chaotic my internal or external world, I strengthen my mindfulness muscle when I return to focusing on the present moment. What motivates you to return?



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