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#YearofMindfulness Day 49: Strength

Following through on habits requires strength: strength to say "yes" to the habit when you're tired and just want to veg or take a nap or go to bed, strength to prioritize the habit before anything else on your to-do list, and strength to continue choosing the habit day after day after day. I'm proud that I have continued to choose formal mindfulness practice every day, regardless of how unexpected and not ideal my schedule and routine have been. Seeing how successful I've been at choosing to practice mindfulness every day invigorates me with the expectation that I can continue to follow through in the future.

Area for Growth: Continue to prioritize mindfulness at least three times each day.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness three times today!

Takeaway: Integrating a habit requires strength. What keeps you going day after day when integrating a habit?


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