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#YearofMindfulness Day 5: Accountability

I'm publishing my journey on my #YearofMindfulness specifically because I need help to follow through on the action steps I have set for myself. Today was the first day I seriously debated doing something else during one of the times I've set aside for formal mindfulness practice; it was only because I knew I would be updating you on my progress--and I didn't want to say "I chose not to follow through"--that I set aside the extensive "to-do" list and prioritized practicing mindfulness instead. So thank you for being here for me.

Area for growth: view mindfulness as an opportunity to check in on myself and on my surroundings throughout the day, instead of as something that's keeping me from accomplishing everything that needs to be done.

Wins: I formally practiced mindfulness three times today!

Takeaway: I need accountability to keep going in my practice of mindfulness. How do you prefer to be held accountable?


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