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#YearofMindfulness Day 52: Keep Going

I'm celebrating that it's rare for me NOT to practice mindfulness in the morning; I'm grateful that this habit seems ingrained. I was also careful to prioritize mindfulness in the evening. That's why I was confused when my tracking log showed that I had practiced mindfulness only twice today. At first, I thought I must have forgotten to record my afternoon mindfulness practice. Then I realized it never happened.

Area for Growth: I'm seriously trying to practice mindfulness three times each day, and I'm frustrated by how challenging this is! Why is consistency eluding me, in spite of all of the scaffolding I'm putting into place?

Wins: I practiced mindfulness twice today!

Takeaway: Regardless of the challenges I face literally every day, I need to just keep going in my efforts to integrate formal mindfulness practice at least three times each day. What keeps you going when you seem destined for failure?


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