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#YearofMindfulness Day 53: Forgiveness

Weekends have been hard for practicing three formal mindfulness sessions: my routine is so different than during the week; often, the only time all week for my husband and me to plan meals, upcoming activities, or commitments is during our child's nap (which is when I prioritize mindfulness during the week), and there's no childcare during the rest of the day. The result has been that on weekends, it usually doesn't even occur to me to practice mindfulness. So this weekend was going to be different: I planned ahead for the chaos by setting calendar reminders and phone notifications. When naptime began, I practiced mindfulness first. Our child woke up before I even finished. Then we went to a funeral. Then we ran errands. Then it was suppertime, and I hadn't found space to practice my afternoon mindfulness session yet, despite reminders pummeling my phone). The evening was chaotic and exhausting, and when I thought to practice my evening mindfulness session, it was almost midnight, and I cried.

Area of Growth: I feel like a failure. It's awkward to update this blog day after day with what I'm sure sounds like excuse after excuse for why I'm not prioritizing mindfulness.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness today!

Takeaway: Today was like every other weekend: mindfulness happened, but only once. How do you forgive yourself when you disappoint yourself or others?



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