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#YearofMindfulness Day 68: Creative

Today was the first day since I started my #YearofMindfulness that I almost didn't practice mindfulness at all. Per the usual for a weekend, my schedule was different than during the weekday, but even more so because of the time change (we lost an extra hour of sleep), because the little one didn't even get a morning nap at all. I didn't even realize until early afternoon that I had completely forgotten to practice mindfulness. During the afternoon, I crashed and took a nap instead of practicing mindfulness. The good news is that I slipped in a mindfulness practice session before bedtime.

Area for Growth: Listen to guided mindfulness recording while I'm driving on days when I miss a mindfulness session due to schedule changes.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness today!

Takeaway: Practicing mindfulness in the midst of real-life issues like time changes, different schedules, skipped nap times, and sleep deprivation requires creativity. What's your favorite out-of-the-box workaround for practicing a habit in the midst of chaotic situations?



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