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#YearofMindfulness Day 86: Think Outside the Box

Until this evening, I felt good about today. I prioritized mindfulness in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. The tricky part was when I sat down for my evening mindfulness practice immediately after our little one fell asleep, and it turned out that it was a restless sleep that was actually more of a restless "I'm awake, but I wish I was asleep" teething discomfort that required comfort.

Area for Growth: In the moment, it feels like my mindfulness practice session was hijacked. In hindsight, I realize that I could have brought my phone and my headphones into the room and practiced mindfulness while I was comforting our child.

Wins: I practiced mindfulness twice today!

Takeaway: Think outside the box when integrating mindfulness into real (messy) life. How do you think outside the box when strategizing for sustainable solutions?


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