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#YearofMindfulness Day 88: Veg

I started the weekend with the goal of surprising myself by practicing mindfulness three times each day. This is not an insurmountable goal, since I have practiced my full mindfulness session on at least Saturday at least twice. However, I usually find it harder to practice my goal number of mindfulness sessions on the weekends; hence my challenge. The good news is that I started well: I practiced mindfulness in the morning. The bad news is that I chose not to practice mindfulness in the afternoon, choosing instead to scroll through sites online. It never occurred to me to practice mindfulness at bedtime.

Area for Growth: Practice mindfulness first, and then veg (if necessary).

Wins: I practiced mindfulness today!

Takeaway: What if mindfulness relaxed me enough not to seek mind numbing online? What's behind your decision to evade your habit?


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