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#YearofMindfulness Day 89: Honesty

So . . . this is awkward to admit: I didn't practice mindfulness at all today. Since no one is reading this anyway, I could write whatever I want here; but honesty is important to me. I started this blog for accountability in building my mindfulness practice, and it's important for me to share my wins and my misses. My little one didn't take a morning nap, so that's why I missed my morning mindfulness practice. Honestly, I didn't even think about doing mindfulness in the afternoon or in the evening. I thought by Day 89, this habit would be a natural part of my life. It's discouraging that it's still such a struggle to integrate mindfulness into every day.

Area for Growth: I feel guilty for missing all three of my mindfulness practice sessions. Even with all of my fluctuations in frequency, I have not completely skipped mindfulness altogether since I started. I broke my streak, and that's disappointing.

Wins: Despite failing to practice mindfulness at all, I felt so relaxed today!

Takeaway: Since I missed my calendar reminders, I will ask my husband to remind me to practice mindfulness on the weekends, regardless of whether naptime happens. What motivates you to confess when you mess up?


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