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#YearofMindfulness Day 9: Take Control

Even the best-laid plans can become overwhelming when they are outside of our control. In this case, I have discovered the need to arrange for childcare so I can practice mindfulness. It's a drastic step, but I value my sanity . . . and I've realized that my mental health requires space for me to regularly step out of the chaos to check in with my physical and emotional state.

Area for growth: A nap strike is going on in my house, which evaporates my reminders to and space for practicing mindfulness. I need to find another way to practice mindfulness that is not dependent on the actions of others. [Edit: instead of relegating mindfulness to naptimes, I have now set calendar reminders to practice mindfulness when the babysitter is here.]

Wins: I practiced mindfulness twice today!

Takeaway: It is important to set action steps that are within my control. Who are you when you're in control?


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