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#YearofMindfulness Day 93: Fog

I'm not a fan of alternating hard days and smooth days; however, here we are again: the fog and stupor are back. After our wonderful day yesterday, I was astonished that our child fell asleep at bedtime two hours later than on the previous night, and then woke up less than four hours after that (and was then awake for hours). Of course, this was on an evening when I also taught a late class, and thus went to bed later than usual, and then I had an early-morning work call this morning. I have learned that my brain is incompatible with insufficient sleep.

Area for Growth: Practice formal mindfulness while the babysitter is here. (I had reminders set, and usually do this, but the message didn't make it through the fog.)

Wins: I practiced informal mindfulness today!

Takeaway: Thinking and remembering is hard when my brain is trapped in fog. What are your secrets for transmitting reminders through the fog?


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